Canyoning down ravines/canyons for most fans of the extreme sports  is tops in the list of activities as it combines trekking through the wilderness, swimming in a river as well as canyoning down cataracts (using special gear).  The dips in the cool clear waters, the breath-taking lights, the trekking through huge vertical rock-faces and between narrow paths – such as the impressive beauty of a ravine- all this compose an infinite and authentic adventure for the demanding who seek excitement and vigorous experiences.

If you are a lover of the adventure and want to get away from the stress of every-day-life, you only have to follow us so that we may show you a different type of life of the Extreme Sports  and the height of Adrenaline.

It is well note that in the area of Pilio there are numerous possibilities for a variety of choices, as the mountain offers breath-taking ravines/canyons, such as – Milopotamo, Fakistra, Mega Galanorema, Big rock, Damouhar, Limniona, Platanorema.

All  you have to do is choose the level of difficulty that suits you !

Mountain Escapes

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