Discover the underwater world

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breath under water? If you’d like to discover what it really is like, but you are not ready to start your training, a first trial will enable you to see whether you will enjoy it.

Although this program Is not an instructive program, during this first trial you will learn how use breathing gear in shallow waters and you will understand of what is needed to discover under-water-world.

Go ahead! Get your 1st certificate on independent diving with the instructive grogramPADI, Open Water Diver. There again, if you always wanted to learn about independent diving, in order to get new experiences and adventure or just to enjoy the magical world under the water, then this is your chance. The PADI, Open Water Diver is well known and has the most popular instructive program in the world and has also gotten thousands of people in the adventure of diving in the under-water -world.

If you are already an experienced diver, then you can take part in the diving program which is organized by the Zoumbosub club, found in several parts of the Panasitic Gulf. All diving excursions take place by special boats and experienced personnel from the club. Choose a date from your calendar which would suit you and organize your personal excursion.

Zoumbosub Diving Center

Ζoumbos Christos

contact tel: 00302421029574, 00306999060929