Spa & Massage Services

Karavia Lux Inn in cooperation with the well known Saman Relax Center has prepared a very special service concerning your health enhancement, ultimate relief and relaxation during your stay.

Relax Saman Center Services specializes in grooming, relaxing massage (Saman Massage) from specialists. Also a Saman Massage shop, which operates in our facilities as well as other places in Greece, aims to give the opportunity to our guests to take advantage during their stay or after that buying these unique products or use them in cooperation with the specialized personnel of the spa centre.

In our special jacuzzi pool take advantage of its waters after massage services. Feel the water touch from Jacuzzi pool operation and eliminate your body from the toxins more easily (K, Ca, Na, Si, HCO3, Mg, HS and so on). Such elements we use for body enhancement are metallic elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, barium, iron, selenium, zinc and trace elements such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, sodium, etc. The desirable result of this process is the ultimate relief, relaxation and well-being with the objective of improving the physical condition and "well-being" of our visitors.


Saman Relax Center specializes in body care therapies, all over Greece, offering relaxing massage services and wellness in general.

Karavia Lux Inn Hotel has created in an idyllic environment, facilities that aim, besides covering the needs of its visitors, to serve them also as other tourists either from the wide region of Pelion either from other places that visit our hotel !

The full range of wellness and relaxation services are provided by highly specialized staff of SRC Group - Saman Relax Center. Their areas of activity are programs for spa bath therapy, aesthetics, hairdressing and a wide range of alternative therapies.

SPA's staff to fulfil the needs of their clientele uses 100% plant products from the well-known Saman Pozar Cosmetics Saman Dust series. The products as well as the jacuzzi oil supplements are absorbed directly by the epidermis helping the body to eliminate toxins and accumulated salts, but at the same time because of their composition they also deposit active elements like potassium (K), calcium (Ca), sodium (Na), silicon (Si), Magnesium (Mn) and Copper (Ku).

For questions and clarifications or appointments, you can contact  phone +302423033722.